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September 7, 2016

And just like that…it’s September, with six new books on the shelves


Back to the grindstone, post-Labor Day. We’ve put our white pants in storage (well…) and are buckling down for what promises to be a busy Fall. Kicking off the season are our September titles featuring two (quite different) musical Michaels, the presidential election of 1840 (if you want to escape, kind of, from today’s roller coaster), a novel set in 1969 Chicago (that’s still relevant today) and two books for crafty kids who like making a little bit of a mess. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you’ve already picked up any of these, or what’s being added to your TBR pile.

For adults:


On the blog—First Person with Shawn Shiflett: Why I Wrote Hey, Liberal

[request a review copy of Hey, Liberal!]


Carnival Campaign, The

On the blog—Behind the Scenes with Ronald G. Shafer: Do you think the 2016 election is a circus? The 1840 origins of the modern presidential race

[request a review copy of The Carnival Campaign]

Michael and Me

On the blog—Behind the Scenes with Shana Mangatal: A playlist capturing memories of her time with the King of Pop 

[request a review copy of Michael and Me]

Michael Bloomfield

Watch the book trailer 

[request a review copy of Michael Bloomfield]


For kids:

Three-Dimensional Art Adventures

Downloadable project: Make a model spider and woven web inspired by Louise Bourgeois’ 30-foot-tall sculpture Maman

[request a review copy of Three-Dimensional Art Adventures]


On the blog—Meet the author-photographer duo behind Treecology +  3 downloadable projects 

[request a review copy of Treecology]


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