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A Ghost of a Chance
A Ghost of a Chance ›
By Peter Guttridge
Price 14.00

Trade Paper

Published Jan 2005

Absinthe (4 Formats) ›
By Betina J. Wittels, Edited by T.A. Breaux
Trade Paper Price 29.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published May 2017

Take an intimate look into the contemporary world of absinthe. International in scope, Absinthe: The Exquisite Elixir is a visually rich journey into an alluring subculture. Filled with color reproductions of classic and current lithographs, posters, cartoons, as well as photos of antiques, glassware, and other tools of the absinthe drinker, this new and comprehensive guide explains and illustrates the history, culture, and mystique of the drink known as the Green Fairy. The authors provide insights into the controversy and effects of the Green Fairy through the stories of famous connoisseurs, including Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, and Pablo Picasso. In addition to a rich history, this detailed new guide includes recipes, reviews of existing Absinthe brands, and absinthe’s contemporary culture and ritual. Confirmed absinthe drinkers, neophytes, the curious, and collectors will all find this book equally intriguing and seductive.
Alaska Reader
Alaska Reader ›
By Anne Hanley, By Carolyn Kremers
Price 25.00

Trade Paper

Published Aug 2005

All the Sincerity In Hollywood
All the Sincerity In Hollywood ›
By Stuart Hample
Price 21.95


Published Sep 2001

Fred Allen was the only satirist among the comedians of radio's Golden Age. As a satirist and wordsmith, his telling phrases and takes on the foibles of daily life, as well as the events of his time, were as quotable then as they are now. Allen transformed popular comedy by lampooning news events, commercials, and big business. He set a direction followed by a number of entertainers, including Bob & Ray, David Frost, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Garrison Keillor, Chevy Chase, Dennis Miller, and even Saturday Night Live. In place of situation comedies, slapstick, stock characters, or standard joke forms, Allen offered a thinking person's humor, delivered every week to 30 million Americans in his 17-year-long radio show (1932–1949). "all the sincerity in hollywood..." showcases many of Fred Allen's previously published and unpublished letters, essays, radio scripts, and quips to create the best refresher course in laughs that survive the test of time.
Ancient Denvers
Ancient Denvers (4 Formats) ›
By Kirk Johnson, Illustrated by Jan Vriesen, Illustrated by Gary Stabb, Illustrated by Donna Braginetz
Trade Paper Price 12.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Dec 2005

A look at how the geology, environment, and landscape of what is now Denver has changed over the millennia.
Ancient Wyoming
Ancient Wyoming (4 Formats) ›
By Kirk Johnson, By Will Clyde
Trade Paper Price 16.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published May 2016

Sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation to the Denver Museum of Natural History. Ever wondered what the ground below you was like millions of years ago? Merging paleontology, geology, and artistry, Ancient Wyoming illustrates scenes from the distant past and provides fascinating details on the flora and fauna of the past 300 million years. The book provides a unique look at Wyoming, both as it is today and as it was throughout ancient history—at times a vast ocean, a lush rain forest, and a mountain prairie.
Awakening Spirits
Awakening Spirits (2 Formats) ›
Edited by Richard P Reading, Edited by Brian Miller, Edited by Amy Masching, Edited by Rob Edward, Edited by Michael K Phillips
EPUB Price 9.99

EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Jun 2010

This illustrated collection offers fascinating insight on restoring the wolf population to the Southern Rockies. Detailed reports by wildlife biologists, geographers, legal and policy experts, and conservationists provide a comprehensive look at not only the ecological imperatives, but also the history, legal framework, and public attitudes affecting the future of wolves.
Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves (2 Formats) ›
By Joel Christian Gill
Trade Paper Price 25.95

Trade Paper, PDF

Published Oct 2014

Tales of the Talented Tenth, Volume One tells the story of Bass Reeves, an escaped slave who became one of the most successful lawman of the old west. Volume I chronicles his life from winning shooting matches in early childhood to traveling with his master, living with Native Americans in Indian Territory, and finally becoming a U.S. Marshal.
Be The Artist
Be The Artist (4 Formats) ›
By Thomas Evans
Cloth Price 21.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Feb 2020

This go-to guide can be your handbook as you enter the art world and navigate the nuances of becoming self-sufficient. Instead of feeding you new techniques, it will provide you with insights to help you make decisions based on your specific situation and goals. By the end of this book, you will have a set of guidelines for scenarios that range from taking on commission work and conducting negotiations to dealing with rejection and improving your organization. Be the Artist is designed to help up-and-coming creatives educate themselves on essential yet seldom-discussed strategies, learn about new and relevant artists, and gather the resources they need to build their business.
Bessie Stringfield
Bessie Stringfield (2 Formats) ›
By Joel Christian Gill, Foreword by Sheena C. Howard
Trade Paper Price 23.95

Trade Paper, PDF

Published Oct 2016

Imagine a five-foot-two-inch-tall woman riding a Harley eight times across the continental United States. Now imagine she is black and is journeying across the country in the pre-Civil Rights era of the 1930s and ’40s. That is the amazing true story of Bessie Stringfield, the woman known today as The Motorcycle Queen of Miami and the first black woman to be inducted into the American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame and the Harley Davidson Hall of Fame. Stringfield was a pioneer in motorcycling during her lifetime; she rode as a civilian courier for the US military and founded the Iron Horse Motorcycle Club in Miami, all while confronting and overcoming Jim Crow in every ride.
Boxeando por Cuba
Boxeando por Cuba ›
By Guillermo Vicente Vidal
Price 18.95

Trade Paper

Published Jan 2014

In 1961, fearing the communist rule of Fidel Castro, Guillermo Vicente Vidal's family sent him to America through Operation Peter Pan. He arrived in Colorado and was sent to an orphanage with his brothers, and his family reunited four years later. Fifty years later, he served as Denver's mayor. This is his story of overcoming incredible odds.
Boxing for Cuba
Boxing for Cuba (4 Formats) ›
By Guillermo Vicente Vidal
Trade Paper Price 18.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published May 2013

In 1961, fearing the communist rule of Fidel Castro, Guillermo Vicente Vidal's family sent him to America through Operation Peter Pan. He arrived in Colorado and was sent to an orphanage with his brothers, and his family reunited four years later. Fifty years later, he served as Denver's mayor. This is his story of overcoming incredible odds.
Brushed by Feathers
Brushed by Feathers ›
By Frances L. Wood
Price 18.95

Trade Paper

Published Oct 2004

By Grit and Grace
By Grit and Grace ›
By Richard W. Etulain
Price 17.95

Trade Paper

Published Sep 1997

For most, the image of the American West has been male dominated, focusing on characters ranging from Jesse James to John Wayne. In the hardscrabble West of the nineteenth century, however, women played prominent and influential roles, helping to shape the evolution of not only the region but the nation as a whole.In this lively and informative book, ten noted historians explore the lives of eleven women, from the "Wild West" performer Annie Oakley and the notorious Calamity Jane to the entrepreneur Mary Ellen Pleasant and the reformer Abigail Scott Dunaway. By telling the fascinating tales of these women, this accessible and thoroughly researched collection not only enlightens us but also serves to secure a place in history for these remarkable women.
Canine Colorado
Canine Colorado (4 Formats) ›
By Cindy Hirschfeld
Trade Paper Price 21.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Nov 2009

This best-selling guide, now revised and updated, covers dog-friendly trails, activities, and accommodations throughout Colorado. Both residents and visitors will appreciate the detailed information on dog-oriented excursions, leash laws and trail etiquette, doggie daycare services, vet info, and specialty pet boutiques.