The Woman from Dover
The Woman from Dover ›
By Betty Annand

Trade Paper, EPUB

Published Dec 2017

Stung with the bitter loss of the life she had built, Gladys's story from The Girl from Old Nichol continues with Gladys as a housekeeper for the wealthy widower, James Hornby. 

Reunited with Toughie for one night before he leaves for New York with his bride, their romantic interlude leaves Gladys alone and pregnant. Fearing the workhouse, Gladys confesses all to James, who offers to marry her and legitimize Toughie’s baby. The new family lives happily, adding a daughter of their own. 

When Toughie returns years later as a widower, he meets his son and begs Gladys to travel to New York with him. Torn between the man she has loved since childhood and a comfortable life of luxury for herself and her children, Gladys faces a decision that will only lead to devastation; no matter what choice she makes, someone will be hurt and abandoned.

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This rich and compelling historical novel series takes you from the streets of London to the manor houses of the English countryside where it has you rooting for Gladys Tunner, not just to survive, but to thrive.