The Waves Extinguish the Wind
The Waves Extinguish the Wind ›
By Boris Strugatsky, By Arkady Strugatsky, Translated by Daniels Umanovskis, Afterword by Boris Strugatsky

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Estimated Release Date Apr 2023

<strong>The final novel in the Strugatskys Noon Universe, <em>Waves Extinguish the Wind</em> is told as Maxim Kammerer’s final memoir, an exploration trying to find truth and answers in a universe that provides only questions.</strong><br /><br />Kammerer and Toivo Glumov are investigating the secret society of Ludens, who may be humans with extra mental powers or may be a new species entirely.<br /><br />This new translation by Daniels Umanovskis brings the full Noon Universe novels to the Rediscovered Classics line, bringing these Russian masterpieces to a new audience in the United States.

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