Yet Another Dreadful Fairy Book
Yet Another Dreadful Fairy Book ›
By Jon Etter

EPUB, PDF, Mobipocket, Cloth

Published Feb 2021

The uneasy truce between the Seelie Court and the Sluagh Horde is in trouble as nobles on both sides push King Julius and Queen Modthryth to attack while amongst the common fairy folk the Brother/Sisterhood of Afflicted and Repressed Fairies (B.A.R.F.) plans a revolution.The one chance Elfame may have to maintain the peace is a fairy raid organized by Prince Beow of the Sluagh and Princess Viola of the Seelie. But when the two are kidnapped, it’s up to Shade, Ginch, and the Professor to save them and prevent the fairy lands from descending into chaos.

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Those Dreadful Fairy Books

Whatever expectations you have of delightful and whimsical fairies are sure to be disappointed. There are certainly fairies, but most are not proper fairies. Our heroine is, perhaps, the worst offender.

Shade the sprite is truly dreadful at being a proper fairy—she’d rather re-read her favorite stories than do what fairies should. She is on a most unfortunate quest, with exceedingly questionable companions, to find a place her outré self can call home. A place of companionship, comfort, and, most importantly, a positive plethora of books.