Mary Anning and Paleontology for Kids
Mary Anning and Paleontology for Kids ›
By Stephanie Bearce

Trade Paper, EPUB, PDF

Estimated Release Date May 2024

Mary Anning was only twelve years old when she excavated the skeleton of an unknown animal.

The discovery of the ichthyosaur was the dawn of a new age of science called paleontology, and Anning became one of the leading experts in the study of dinosaurs. Her discoveries helped lay the groundwork for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and changed the way scientists understood the past.

Unfortunately, as a woman of the 1800s, her contributions were overlooked and instead credited to male naturalists who had purchased specimens from Anning.

Author Stephanie Bearce brings her remarkable work to life for young readers with research and projects that allow children to experience hands-on science as Anning did.

With the help of modern historians, Anning’s groundbreaking work and ideas have been brought to light and she now takes her place as one of the pioneering scientists in the discovery of dinosaurs.

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