The Case of the Secret Spirit-Half
The Case of the Secret Spirit-Half ›
By Lucy Banks

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Published Oct 2022

Kester is a wanted man.

After letting the daemon Hrschni escape, Infinite Enterprises are hunting Kester down, and the rest of Ribero’s supernatural agency swear they’ll never forgive him. But who can he trust, Hrschni or Infinite Enterprises?

While on the run, he reencounters the powerful daemon, who uses his powers to take Kester back and forth in time. As a spectre of the past, Kester must learn the truth about his mother while staying one step ahead of agents on his tail. But when Miss Wellbeloved and Ribero are seized by Infinite Enterprises, Kester uncovers a shocking truth, one that may change the course of the entire supernatural world. 

In the last and final instalment of Dr Ribero’s Supernatural Agency, it all comes down to Kester and the secrets of the past.

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