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May 5, 2021

Horoscope Readings: 12 Perfect Books for Every Earth Zodiac Sign


It’s Taurus season! To celebrate, we put together some books that we think every Earth sign should read.

The Earth signs are composed of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. If you have any of these in your friend group, they’re probably the ones who know exactly what they want, and they probably get it too. They’re grounded and they can be seen working hard to get to the finer things in life, which they also have a taste for. The books on this list speak to those finer things, whether they be art or food, and the hardworking nature of this group of signs, and even have a few famous faces.


Girl Warriors

While a Taurus’s determination can sometimes be seen as stubbornness, we’re here to give them some praise. Taureans are willing to put in the hard work, especially for causes they are passionate about. If there is work to be done, then a Taurus is who you should call. The activists fighting to save the planet in this book embody that willpower and determination.



Fromage à Trois & Brioche in the Oven

Taureans love the finer things in life, and what is finer than wine and cheese in the French countryside? With a touch of romance, this series satisfies their ruling planet of Venus too.




Heirloom Plants

With their patient and loving nature, Taureans might just find that gardening is the perfect activity for them. An Earth sign through and through, they’ll find a sense of accomplishment when their plants come into bloom.




Eating the Pacific Northwest

Food, food, and more food. If you’re looking for a way into a Taurus’s heart, then cooking and eating the best food around is just how to do it. In Eating the Pacific Northwest, you’ll discover the delicious local flavors of the Pacific Northwest and maybe even find your next favorite recipe.





The Assassination of Fred Hampton

We couldn’t help but include this book all about the famous Virgo Fred Hampton. The Assassination of Fred Hampton spotlights Hampton as a dynamic community leader and an inspiration for those in the ongoing fight against injustice and police brutality. Read up, Virgos—this is one story you won’t want to miss.





Okay, so this may sound like the exact opposite of what a cleanly Virgo wants, but this book may just have the next great idea of how to organize all your belongings.





Anya Seton

The creativity of a Virgo is endless, and while that can be channeled into several different avenues, writing is certainly one thing this sign is drawn to, thanks to its ruling plant of Mercury. So why not read about the life of bestselling writer Anya Seton?




The Elephant Doctor of India

Virgos love to help others, and in fact they can tend to put others before themselves. They’re incredibly smart and good at problem solving, so this inspiring story of a doctor out to save the Asian elephant should be at the top of your list.





Overnight Code

Capricorns, like the other Earth signs, are full of determination and will always get what they put their minds to. Overnight Code is a story about a woman with that same determination and grit, proving that nothing was going to stand in her way.




Dolly on Dolly

If you’re a Capricorn, why wouldn’t you want to be as fantastic as this famous sign-sharer? Dolly on Dolly is a collection of interviews spanning five decades of her career and featuring material gathered from celebrated publications and never-before-printed interviews.




Outdoor Survival Skills

Is there a more indelible image of the true Capricorn spirit than a mountain goat stoically clambering up the nearly sheer side of a rocky cliff? Tap into that same goaty grit and grace with this guide to (safely) living your best wild life.




Financial Intimacy

Oh là là! If you really want to know the way to a Capricorn’s heart—talk money to them. Safety and stability are a Capricorn’s love language, and what better way to dive deep with the beloved Cappie in your life than having a sit-down to discuss how to lovingly commingle your finances.



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