The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal

The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal
The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal

The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal

By J. Patrick O'Connor


256 Pages, 6 x 9

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ISBN 9781569763940

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Chicago Review Press (May 2008)
Lawrence Hill Books


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The first step-by-step examination of America’s most famous death row inmate

Mumia Abu-Jamal—the most famous death-row inmate in the United States—was sentenced to death in 1982 for allegedly killing police officer Daniel Faulkner. Using the preponderance of evidence to establish that Faulkner shot Abu-Jamal as he approached him and that a passenger in Abu-Jamal’s brother’s car, Kenneth Freeman, then killed Faulkner, this study convincingly shows how the Philadelphia Police Department and District Attorney’s Office framed Abu-Jamal for Faulkner’s killing. In addition, unlike any other book or article on this subject, it describes the overarching role in the case that then-mayor Frank Rizzo and a small, radical, back-to-nature cult called MOVE played.


"A complex and compelling read that rivals established TV hits while tackling real life injustice"  —Booklist

"O'Connor sets forth a careful, well-constructed argument. Whether it changes minds one way or the other remains to be seen, but, he urges, it is time for a new trial."  —Kirkus Reviews

"Justice is served by the publication of this book."  —John Brady, author, Bad Boy: The Life & Politics of Lee Atwater

"Well-reasoned at every point, O'Connor's convincing book sounds like it could well be the last word on the Mumia case."  —Donald Fulsom, former UPI White House reporter

"O'Connor's . . . efforts and results are most impressive."  —Edward Asner, actor

"Factual, balanced, and fair to all sides . . . O'Connor has studied this case and has drawn conclusions based on reflecting upon the facts."  —Linn Washington, author, Black Judges on Justice

"A well-researched, scrupulously detailed account . . . an indisputable tool."  —Socialist Worker

"The author, a seasoned crime reporter, writes in the language of hard facts, without hyperbole or exaggeration, unfounded accusation, or finger-pointing, to reveal the truth about one of the most hotly-debated cases of the twentieth century."  —

Author Biography

J. Patrick O’Connor is the editor and publisher of Crime Magazine. He has worked as a reporter for UPI, editor of Cincinnati Magazine, associate editor of TV Guide, and editor and publisher of the Kansas City New Times. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.