Will it work on my E-Reader?

For Kindle users

Mobipocket file is the file format readable on Kindle devices. If you would like to read a Chicago Review Press title on your Kindle device (or app), purchase the Mobipocket file.

Instructions for how to load the eBook onto your Kindle can be found at Kindle Personal Documents Service page.


Chicago Review Press has invested in Adobe® Content Server as a digital rights management (DRM) solution. Adobe e-book DRM has become an industry standard, offering file encryption and protection to ePub and PDF files and making it possible for IPG to securely distribute protected titles directly through www.chicagoreviewpress.com. To see if you can read Chicago Review Press e-books on your device and to find instructions on how to transfer purchased e-books, select your reading device from the options below or check Adobe's list of supported devices for more information.

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Free Download

In order to read an Adobe DRM-protected file on any device, files must first be opened and authorized through a program called Adobe Digital Editions. Download Adobe Digital Editions here for free. Further instructions can be found under PC & Mac.


Note: Purchasing a PDF version of a book does not ensure that you will have the ability to print this item. Printing permissions are not active on PDFs purchased through Chicago Review Press at this time.