Discover Her Art

Discover Her Art
Discover Her Art

Discover Her Art

Women Artists and Their Masterpieces
By Jean Leibowitz, By Lisa Rogers


208 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: EPUB, PDF, Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $19.99 (CA $26.99) (US $19.99)

ISBN 9781641606141

Rights: WOR

Chicago Review Press (Mar 2022)


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"An inclusive, easy-to-read guidebook to women artists." — Publishers Weekly.

"A must for art history curriculum and to diversify biography shelves." —School Library Journal.

Discover Her Art invites young art lovers and artists to learn about painting through the lives and masterpieces of 24 women from the 16th to the 20th century.
In each chapter, readers arrive at a masterwork, explore it with an artist’s eye, and learn about the painter's remarkable life and the inspirations behind her work. Young artists will discover how these 24 amazing women used composition, color, value, shape, and line in paintings that range from highly realistic to fully abstract. Hands-on exercises encourage readers to create their own art!

Whether you love to make art or just look at it, you will enjoy discovering the great work of these women artists.


Discover Her Art is a brilliant guide to understanding how a painting does what it does. Formal elements are broken down into understandable language. . . . All the activities achieve that rarity: a fun deep dive into how an image is made and a creative moment of learning by doing. Fabulous for both the experienced professional (like me) and the young artist just starting out.” —Emily Eveleth, painter

"Imagine exploring an exhibit of womens’ paintings with the most captivating guide who brings to life the story of each artist and their artwork. Each chapter will transport you to a different time and place, encourage you to spend time absorbing and understanding the work and woman behind it, and possibly even inspire you to create your own artwork." —Carolyn Mackin Watson, artist

"This book triggers the desire to see, the joy of discovery, and the thirst for action! The careful selection of images conveys to the reader the diversity of the great achievements of women artists over the centuries up to the modern age. For a long time, they had to suffer under the domination of men in art. With the wonderful works of art, the valuable hints on perception, and the thoughtful instructions for do-it-yourself, the authors encourage the reader to dive deep into the world of images and image-making." —‚ÄčAngela Wenzel, author of 13 Art Techniques Children Should Know and other books

"An inclusive, easy-to-read guidebook to women artists." — Publishers Weekly

"Most of the artists will be new to even experienced readers, making this guide a valuable resource." — Booklist

“A must for art history curriculum and to diversify biography shelves.”–School Library Journal 

Author Biography

Jean Leibowitz is a portrait and landscape artist who uses traditional painting and drawing approaches in her art. She lives in Portland, Maine. Lisa LaBanca Rogers is an elementary school librarian and the award-winning author of 16 Words: William Carlos Williams and "The Red Wheelbarrow" and Hound Won’t Go. She regularly writes about art and artists for various magazine publications. She lives in Boston.