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March 15, 2019

Staff Reads – 3-15


Check out what we’ve been reading lately and let us know your book recommendations in the comments below!


I just finished reading She Would Be King for our marketing book club. It was a beautifully written, mythical tale of the creation of Liberia. —Andrea Baird, marketing director


I just finished Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. She brings to life one of my favorite literary characters—Bertha Mason from Jane Eyre—and gives her a life outside of the attic. I’m also reading My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem. She’s somebody I’ve always known about but I’ve only ever read a few essays of hers, so I’m excited to learn more about her for Women’s History Month. —Jen DePoorter, marketing coordinator


I was heartbroken when I heard that author Ellis Avery passed away on February 15. She and I had been friendly with each other on social media, but I had no idea her health had taken such a turn. So I’ve been mourning, and celebrating her brilliance, by reading her now-even-more poignant essay collection The Family Tooth. —Allison Felus, production director


I recently came across an article from The Atlantic that I’ve been sharing with all my friends: Mr. Rogers Had a Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Children. It’s a really lovely look into the careful and thoughtful way Mr. Rogers handled every single sentence spoken on his show. Honestly, it’s a very touching reminder about the power of words and the power of the messages we give to children about the world and their place in it. —Alex Granato, editorial assistant


I started The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson for Black History Month and I’m still working through that. It’s amazing, just something I want to take my time with.  —Emily Lewis, marketing associate


I got the boxed set of Robert Alter’s new translation of the Hebrew Bible as a Christmas present (ironically enough), and that’s what I’m reading now (though not the whole thing).

I’m going to be giving some readings from my book Zora and Langston soon and am rereading it, trying to choose what excerpts to read aloud. My interlocutors at these events include Ethan Michaeli, author of The Defender; Rachel Cohen, author of A Chance Meeting; and Lorene Cary, author of Black Ice and Ladysitting, so I’m reading/rereading/planning to read all four of those books too.

Lastly, I’m almost finished reading a very long but brilliant scholarly article called “Antitrust as an Allocator of Coordination Rights” by Sanjukta Paul, which exposes deep-seated flaws in US antitrust law. —Yuval Taylor, senior editor


I’m currently reading the entirely captivating Washington Black. —Michelle Williams, managing editor




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