How to Talk to Children About Art

How to Talk to Children About Art
How to Talk to Children About Art

How to Talk to Children About Art

By Françoise Barbe-Gall

all ages, Grades K–12


208 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Trade Paper

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ISBN 9781556525803

Rights: US & CA

Chicago Review Press (Nov 2005)

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Anticipating how kids react to paintings by artists as diverse as Botticelli, Vermeer, Degas, Chagall, and Pollack, this resource for adults who want children to love and understand art prepares them for the types of questions kids ask. Providing parents and teachers with valuable tips for making any visit to a museum with children a success, this guide offers a great primer or refresher course on art history, allowing adults to confidently answer common questions, such as why some paintings are signed and others are not, some pictures are small and others are very large, and why the Dutch paint so much fruit. Questions and answers about 30 well-known paintings provide historical background, explain genres such as still life and portrait, and demystify religious and mythological themes. Color-coded tabs let adults flip to sections appropriate to the ages of their children (5–7 years, 8–10 years, 11–13+ years).


"Tackles what might be some highbrow stuff for kids age 5 to a simple, smart way." —Chicago Tribune

"An excellent resource for art gallery or museum visits." —BC Parent

"A wonderful guide." —Omaha World-Herald

"A simple, easy-to-use primer." —NEA Today

"An accessible entrance to usher children into the world of art, specifically preparing them for museum visits and any questions." —Violet

"A primer on art history and valuable tips to make a visit to a museum with children a success." —Treasure Valley Family

"Provides many ideas to help make that visit to the art museum a pleasant experience for everyone." —Chicago Parent

"Takes a great idea and executes it effectively." —Kliatt

Author Biography

Françoise Barbe-Gall is a lecturer in art history at l'Ecole du Louvre in Paris, France.