Eddie the Electron

Eddie the Electron
Eddie the Electron

Eddie the Electron

By Melissa Rooney

Eddie the Electron


32 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $12.99 (US $12.99) (CA $16.99)

ISBN 9780692467435

Rights: WOR

Chicago Review Press (Aug 2015)
Amberjack Publishing

Price: $12.99
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Eddie the Electron wants to educate kids everywhere about what it's like to be an electron!

He's cute, super enthusiastic, ambitious, smaller than the tip of a pencil and he doesn't want to be confused with a proton or an atom. Feeling stuck with his unexciting fellow electron Erwin, Eddie finds himself with way too much spare time on his hands and longing for adventure outside of the helium balloon where he lives. Just what lengths will he go to be free? There's only one way to find out! Come along with us and learn about life in Eddie's world. 

To spend more time with Eddie, check out his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EddieTheElectron/


Eddie the Electron is a fun and engaging book that brings abstract chemistry concepts to life. . . . This little book packed a punch, as it led to discussions on the speed of light, size and whether there is such a thing as infinite smallness, and noble gases. Who says you can’t learn chemistry at 7, 5, and 4-years-old? . . . The book presents abstract concepts in a fun way, keeping kids interested and engaged.” —My Little Poppies blog

Eddie the Electron is an elementary science reader that teaches some basic chemistry concepts in a fun and engaging way. This is NOT a dry science textbook—it’s an easily readable story laced with humor and fun illustrations. . . . fosters natural learning that a parent and child can enjoy together—and that makes it a win in my book!” —Meaningful Homeschooling

“Eddie the Electron is a very active electron who is not satisfied being attached to a helium atom inside a balloon with another rather boring electron.  He wants action, and he keeps talking to the reader of the story about his boring electron life until he finally gets some action.  It’s a silly story that kept my girls laughing and say, ‘Oh no!’ over and over. . . . let me just admit it—teaching about something you cannot see to elementary students is a challenge because, well, because they can’t see it.  I think that is why I most appreciated this book.  It made the learning of something unseen so much easier to understand (even for me).” —Cornerstone Confessions

What I loved about Eddie the Electron was how engaging the story was. The kids were so interested in the story, especially Eddie’s frustration with Erwin, his fellow electron, that they didn’t even realize we were discussing a fairly advanced topic.” —Look! We’re Learning!

“An engaging kids’ science book is absolutely the best way to teach elementary science! Textbooks may cover every topic needed, but kids are bored. They’re lost before the first paragraph ends because they’re not engaged.  A good kids’ science book, on the other hand, draws the kids’ interest from the very beginning.  . . . Eddie the Electron fascinated my kids. In fact, my 6yo daughter was eager for her middle school brother to read it again and again and again.” —Classically Homeschooling

Author Biography

Melissa Rooney grew up in Martinsville, VA. After receiving undergraduate degrees in English and Chemistry from the College of William and Mary, she attended graduate school at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, where she studied electrochemistry and was awarded her Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1998. Melissa conducted research in the laboratory of Alan M. Bond at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, from 1999-2002 and was awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Australian Research Council. In 2002, she returned to North Carolina to raise her family with her husband, Mike Rooney.

Since moving to Durham, Melissa has been a regular columnist with the Durham News and has written for Highlight’s Children’s Magazine among other serial publications. She is currently a senior scientific editor with American Journal Experts and a teaching artist in the Durham Arts Council’s Creative Arts in Public and Private Schools (CAPS) program, in which she provides engaging, science-based workshops for public schools.

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To spend more time with Eddie, check out his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EddieTheElectron/