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j2Jerome Pohlen
Senior Editor


Jerome Pohlen acquires adult nonfiction, including US history, LGBTQ, nature, popular science, and DIY titles, as well as children’s nonfiction and activity books. His recent acquisitions include Never Silent, Giovanni’s Ring, Grandma Gatewood’s Walk, Ellis Island and Immigration for Kids, Tied Up in Knotts and Hilde on the Record. He has been with Chicago Review Press since 2001. Prior to joining CRP, Jerome was the editorial director for Learning Resources, an educational toy company; taught fourth and seventh grade in the Chicago Public Schools; worked as an engineer for Martin Marietta; and served in the US Peace Corps in Benin, West Africa. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in mechanical engineering and received his master’s in elementary education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has written 12 award-winning science kits; 23 books for adults and children including Oddball Illinois (and nine other Oddball titles), The Apollo Missions for Kids, Chicago Baby, Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids and Gay & Lesbian History for Kids; and articles and op-eds for the Los Angeles Times, The Advocate, Stars and Stripes and the Chicago Reader


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michelleMichelle Williams
Executive Editor


Michelle Williams has been with Chicago Review Press since 2006. She focuses on refreshing backlist titles with new editions to keep perennial titles in front of new audiences, as well as bringing new imprint acquisitions to the forefront. She acquires new for the Parenting Press imprint, seeking expert advice that speaks to today’s parenting experiences.


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