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October 27, 2017

Staff Reads: Literally Literary Costumes


We asked our staff what literary character they’d be if a no-holds-barred costume could magically appear. Check out the awesome responses below! #CRPreads.

wind in the door Great Expectations, 2011,Fawkes_WB_F2_FawkesCloseUpIllustration_Illust_100615_Port

Is it ok to dress as my still-alive and much-revered literary idol? Because I think it could be cool to go as Cheryl Strayed/Reese Witherspoon à la Wild, complete with a single hiking boot and the monster pack. —Ashley Alfirevic, publicity associate

I can’t decide between a creepy, ghoulish Miss Havisham from Great Expectations or Anne Boleyn as depicted in Wolf Hall (because who doesn’t want to be queen, even a shortlived one?). Author Hilary Mantel made her seem extra sinister. I’d probably add some face paint on my neck to make it look like my head had been axed and then reattached.  —Caitlin Eck, publicity manager

I’d have to go with a historically accurate and obscenely expensive period costume for Anna Karenina. It would be over-the-top, sure, but if someone gives you the chance to dress like tragically gorgeous Russian royalty, you take it. —Alex Granata, CRP intern

I’d like to go as the wardrobe from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe—with a real lion and witch inside.  —Ellen Hornor, project editor

One for the not-officially-literary because she’s a Disney creation, I would love to have a Maleficent outfit magically appear that can *also* magically morph into a dragon. As for the literary–Fawkes from Harry Potter–when he’s in the prime of his life, of course. But then again, if the magical capabilities were transferrable (the costume did magically appear after all), being able to spontaneously combust and then be reborn would come in handy if I was feeling haggard by the end of Halloween. —Mary Kravenas, marketing manager

At first I thought I’d like to be Clifford the Big Red Dog—life-size version of course—because then I would be so warm and epic. But then I realized I would rather be a small character so that my candy roundup is more rewarding. So now I’m going with Tinker Bell because she’s a tiny badass bitch and she can fly.  —Emily Lewis, editorial and marketing assistant

I’d be Proginoskes from this cover. I’d want the eyes and wings to all be working, of course. —Michelle Williams, managing editor


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