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Evolution of a Cover

November 4, 2015

Evolution of a Cover: Junk Drawer Science series »

Covers are designed individually, book-by-book, but sometimes we ask our designers not only to design a book cover, but to envision what a potential series of books will look like. It's that first cover that sets the tone that the rest of the series will follow.

We asked cover designer Andrew B

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September 24, 2015

Evolution of a Cover: Escape Points »


Escape Points_inside borderFor this week's Evolution of a Cover, we spoke with Rebecca Lown about the process of pinning down the perfect cover for Michele Weldon's memoir, Escape Points.

Cover designing is never an easy process, but sometimes our designers are presented with an extra-challenging task. How do you convey sing

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First King of Hollywood, The September 4, 2015

Evolution of a Cover: The First King of Hollywood »


“Evolution of a Cover” offers readers a look at the progression of a cover—from the initial idea to the final cover—by hearing from the designers themselves.

For this inaugural post,

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