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Zelazny, RogerZelazny, Roger | Alt 1
Zelazny, RogerZelazny, Roger | Alt 1

Roger Zelazny

Roger Zelazny (1937-1995) is best known as the author of the critically acclaimed Chronicles of Amber series; he won the Nebula award three times and the Hugo award six. He wrote more than forty novels.
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A Night in the Lonesome October
A Night in the Lonesome October ›
By Roger Zelazny, Illustrated by Gahan Wilson
Price 16.99

Trade Paper

Published Oct 2014

Boldly original and wildly entertaining, A Night in the Lonesome October is a darkly sparkling gem, an amalgam of horror, humor, mystery, and fantasy. An epistolary novel from Jack the Ripper's dog Snuff with one diary entry for each night of the month of October, this story features major Gothic characters from the 19th-century—including Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Victor Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man—along with their beloved animals, trying to piece together a frightful and ingenious puzzle that will decide the fate of the world. First published in 1993, and Zelazny's last book prior to his untimely death, many consider it the best of the fantasy master's novels; it inspired Neil Gaiman's brilliant story "Only the End of the World Again," as well as fans to read a chapter a day, every October.
Jack of Shadows
Jack of Shadows (4 Formats) ›
By Roger Zelazny, Foreword by Joe Haldeman
Trade Paper Price 16.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published May 2016

In a world half of light, half of darkness, where science and magic strive for dominance, there dwells a magical being who is friendly with neither side. Jack, of the realm of shadows, is a thief who is unjustly punished. So he embarks on a vendetta. He wanders through strange realms, encountering witches, vampires, and, finally, his worst enemy: the Lord of Bats. He consults his friend Morningstar, a great dark angel. He is pursued by a monstrous creature called the Borshin. But to reveal any more would be to spoil some of the mindboggling surprises Jack of Shadows has in store. First published in 1971 and long out-of-print, Jack of Shadows is one of fantasy master Roger Zelazny's most profound and mysterious books.