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Cash on Cash
Cash on Cash (3 Formats) ›
By Robert Burke Warren
Trade Paper Price 19.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Published Sep 2022

<strong><em>Cash on Cash</em></strong><strong> offers unprecedented insight into one of the most significant American cultural figures of the twentieth century.</strong><br /><br />As an interviewee, Cash was an exemplary communicator to an astonishingly broad spectrum of people: always open and articulate, part friend, part spiritual authority, part flawed hero. Throughout a decades-long career, as Cash took risks, embracing new technologies, formats, and attitudes, he cleaved to a simple, core message of unvarnished truth.<br /><br />A comprehensive collection of Johnny Cash interviews and feature stories, some widely published and others never previously transcribed, culled from the 1950s through the early days of the new millennium, <em>Cash on Cash</em> charts a singular evolution. From hardscrabble Arkansas poor boy to rockabilly roustabout; international fame to drug addiction and disgrace; born again Christian to gimlet-eyed chronicler of spiritual darkness; TV and movie star to Nashville reject; redemption to loss and back again, several times.<br /><br /><strong>Cash’s story, told in his own words, shines unfiltered light on a journey of archetypal proportions that resonates still.</strong>