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Mick Wall

Mick Wall is the author of Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre. He is also England's best-known rock writer. The founder of Classic Rock magazine and a contributor to Mojo, Rolling Stone, Playboy, and others, his books include the definitive biographies of The Doors (Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre), Axl Rose (W.A.R.), Led Zeppelin (When Giants Walked the Earth), and Metallica (Enter Night).
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Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre
Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre (5 Formats) ›
By Mick Wall
Cloth Price 28.95

Cloth, Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Sep 2015

From one of rock’s greatest writers, Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre is the definitive biography of the Doors
Spanning the entire history of the band, from the birth of its members to the deaths of those who have departed, this book will long remain the definitive history of a band that changed the history of popular music. The band that started out as the “American Rolling Stones,” noted for their wildly unpredictable performances, their jazzy vibe, and the crazed monologues of their front man, ended as badly as did the ’60s: abruptly, bloodily, cripplingly. Along with evoking the cultural milieu of Los Angeles in the era, bestselling writer Mick Wall captures the true spirit of that tarnished age. From the release of their classic first album, The Doors, to their last with Jim Morrison, L.A. Woman, this band biography is a brilliantly penetrating and contemporary investigation into the real story of the Doors.