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A Girl Named October
A Girl Named October (2 Formats) ›
By Zakieh A Mohammed, Illustrated by Andrea Tripke
Hardcover Picture Book Price 17.99

Hardcover Picture Book, PDF

Published Apr 2019

Can empathy be taught? The importance of empathy and its impact are explored in A Girl Named October. The title character, October, is ever present as the narrator navigates a life without realizing how even the smallest memories, interactions, and expressions can impact a very large, and often imposing, world. Touching the world is no longer an abstract idea, but a concrete action that reveals how everything we do affects everyone around us. Lighthearted in its approach, but powerful in its message, this book tells a story that will spur conversations with children and adults alike.
Selfie the Elfie
Selfie the Elfie (2 Formats) ›
By Savage Steve Holland, Illustrated by Andrea Tripke
Hardcover Picture Book Price 18.99

Hardcover Picture Book, PDF

Published Oct 2019

Santa’s workshop is a very busy place—even for Sophie, who is in charge of tying bows on every present.But when she starts taking selfies with her handy-dandy camera phone, everyone in the workshop easily gets distracted...Until Santa’s Big Night Delivery Suit goes missing! In this fun and whimsical Christmas story, can the reader find the trail to Santa’s suit? Will Sophie’s selfies save the day?