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The Disquieting Death of Emma Gill
Meet the Author: Marcia Biederman
Clark Hall inside Kinsmen Brewing, 409 Canal St, Milldale, CT 06467 (map it)
Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - 7:00pm

Join author Marcia Biederman for a signing and discussion of her new book, The Disquieting Death of Emma Gill, at Clark Hall inside Kinsman Brewing presented by The Barnes Museum. 

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The Disquieting Death of Emma Gill
The Disquieting Death of Emma Gill ›
By Marcia Biederman


Published Jan 2024

“The narrative unfolds like a high-stakes crime novel.”—Kirkus Reviews

In 1898, a group of schoolboys in Bridgeport, Connecticut discovered gruesome packages under a bridge holding the dismembered remains of a young woman.

Finding that the dead woman had just undergone an abortion, prosecutors raced to establish her identity and fix blame for her death. Suspicion fell on Nancy Guilford, half of a married pair of “doctors” well known to police throughout New England.

A fascinated public followed the suspect’s flight from justice, as many rooted for the fugitive. The Disquieting Death of Emma Gill takes a close look not only at the Guilfords, but also at the cultural shifts and social compacts that allowed their practice to flourish while abortion was both illegal and unregulated.

Focusing on the women at the heart of the story—both victim and perpetrator—Biederman reexamines this slice of history through a feminist lens and reminds us of the very real lives at stake when a woman's body and choices are controlled by others.