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Ross, Michael ElsohnRoss, Michael Elsohn | Alt 1

Michael Elsohn Ross

Michael Elsohn Ross is an award-winning author of more than 40 books for children, including She Takes a Stand, A World of Her Own, Salvador Dalli and the Surrealists, Sandbox Scientist, and Snug as a Bug.
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A World of Her Own
A World of Her Own (4 Formats) ›
By Michael Elsohn Ross
Cloth Price 19.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Mar 2014

The stories of two dozen fascinating female explorers, from a wide range of eras, cultures, races, and economic backgrounds, are profiled in this entertaining and educational resource. Each of the women profiled overcame many obstacles to satisfy her curiosity and passions, including Eleanor Creesy, who was a ship’s navigator in the 1800s; Kate Jackson, an insatiable investigator of venomous snakes whose work has led her to remote Africa and Latin America; and Constanza Ceruti, the world’s only female high-elevation archaeologist, who carries out excavations on the Earth’s highest peaks in dangerously thin air and subzero temperatures. Offering not only important historical context but also original interviews with many intriguing modern explorers, this who’s who of women explorers will provide inspiration to today’s young women interested in nature, science, and a physical challenge.

John Audubon and the World of Birds for Kids
John Audubon and the World of Birds for Kids (3 Formats) ›
By Michael Elsohn Ross
Trade Paper Price 18.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Published Sep 2022

John James Audubon’s passion for birds inspired a national movement to protect birds and their habitats.

As a child, John would often skip school to roam the countryside. He collected bird nests, unique stones, bits of moss, and other items of interest and developed his talent for creating dramatic bird portraits and skills for observing them in the wild.

Using his abilities as an acute observer, skilled writer, and exceptional artist, Audubon wrote and illustrated a book, Birds of America. Cataloging all these creatures took enormous time and effort—but even more difficult was finding a way to publish it. To make his book a reality he had to persuade wealthy investors to support his dream. The stories of his adventures pursuing the unique birds of the America captured the imagination of audiences.

Audubon became a larger-than-life figure and dubbed himself “the American Woodsman.” Years after his death his artwork is still considered a major accomplishment that inspired a greater interest in American birdlife.

John Audubon and the World of Birds for Kids includes 21 hands-on activities and valuable resources for budding ornithologists hiking in his footsteps. 
Plantology (4 Formats) ›
By Michael Elsohn Ross
Trade Paper Price 15.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Feb 2019

Plantology guides young nature enthusiasts on a journey into the world of plants and the role they play in our lives. Full of colorful photos and illustrations, this fun and interactive resource presents clear, kid-friendly discussions of plant topics from the underground up—from seeds, roots, and sprouts to plant skeletons, leaves, petals, flowers, and fruits. But naturalist Michael Elsohn Ross goes beyond plant basics to explore the unknown world of common weeds, fascinating plant defense systems, the marvelous mechanisms of seed dispersal and pollination, and the history of everyday plant products in our homes. Plantology also illuminates humans’ connections with plants and the solutions they offer, from low-cost sewage treatment and toxic waste removal to providing new medical cures. With encouragement to “Try This” and “Look For,” kids participate in 30 hands-on activities that promote observation and analysis, writing and drawing, math and science, and nature literacy skills. They will keep a plant journal, examine and sketch plant shapes, colors, and structures; start a seed collection, make tasty plant dishes, and more. Readers from any region will start to take notice of the plants around them—not just in parks, gardens, and woods but also around the schools, buildings, and sidewalks of their town, and in their own backyards. Useful resources include a glossary of plant terms, a list of plant and nature organizations and groups, and a teacher’s guide to initiate classroom discussion and investigation.
Salvador Dalí and the Surrealists
Salvador Dalí and the Surrealists (4 Formats) ›
By Michael Elsohn Ross
Trade Paper Price 19.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Sep 2003

The bizarre and often humorous creations of René Magritte, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, and other surrealists are showcased in this activity guide for young artists. Foremost among the surrealists, Salvador Dalí was a painter, filmmaker, designer, performance artist, and eccentric self-promoter. His famous icons, including the melting watches, double images, and everyday objects set in odd contexts, helped to define the way people view reality and encourage children to view the world in new ways. Dalí’s controversial life is explored while children trace the roots of some familiar modern images. These wild and wonderful activities include making Man Ray–inspired solar prints, filming a Dali-esque dreamscape video, writing surrealist poetry, making collages, and assembling art with found objects.
She Takes a Stand
She Takes a Stand (5 Formats) ›
By Michael Elsohn Ross
Cloth Price 19.95

Cloth, Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Aug 2015

Portraits of brave women from the late 1800s through today—role models who are passionate about important issues
A source of inspiration for young women with strong social convictions, She Takes a Stand highlights 16 extraordinary women who have fought for human rights, civil rights, workers’ rights, reproductive/sexual rights, and world peace. Among these are many who have been imprisoned, threatened, or suffered financial hardships for pursuing their missions to change the world for the better. Included are historic heroes such as anti-lynching crusader Ida B. Wells and suffragist Alice Paul, along with contemporary figures such as girls-education activist Malala Yousafzai; Sampat Pal Devi, who fights violence against Indian women; and SPARK executive director Dana Edell, who works to end the sexualization of women and girls in the media. Taking a multicultural, multinational perspective, She Takes a Stand spotlights brave women around the world with an emphasis on childhood details, motivations, and life turning points—in many cases gleaned from the author’s original interviews—and includes related sidebars, a bibliography, source notes, and a list of organizations young women can explore to get involved in changing their world.