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Forensics for Kids
Forensics for Kids (3 Formats) ›
By Melissa Ross

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Estimated Release Date Mar 2022

What kind of science does it take to solve a crime?  Forensics for Kids provides the complete history of forensic science, giving readers a comprehensive understanding of crime-solving development and the birth of modern forensics. Author Melissa Ross uncovers fascinating stories, famous cases, pioneers who led the way, and what forensics might look like in the future. Twenty-one engaging activities offer readers experiential learning of the science and history of forensics. Kids have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field, explore forensic labs and tools, and delve into subjects such Hitler's forged diaries and the mystery of General Jackson's arm.  Kids can become the next real-life Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew after exploring the science of forensics.