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Forensics for Kids
Forensics for Kids (3 Formats) ›
By Melissa Ross
Trade Paper Price 18.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Published Apr 2022

2023 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books finalist

What kind of science does it take to solve a crime?

Forensics for Kids provides the complete history of forensic science, giving readers a comprehensive understanding of the crime-solving advancements that led to modern forensics. Author Melissa Ross reveals fascinating stories, famous cases, pioneers who led the way, and what forensics might look like in the future.

Twenty-one engaging activities offer readers hands-on experiences with modern forensic methods.
Kids will:
  • Collect and compare fingerprints
  • Use chromatography to investigate a writing sample
  • Match hair samples with volunteer “suspects”
  • Recreate a face with clay on a small plastic skull
  • Make a plaster cast of a shoeprint and compare it to a shoe print database
  • And much more! 
Kids can become the next real-life Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew after exploring the science of forensics.