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Deep in a Dream
Reviewed on September 7, 2011 by BNReviews

"It is a singular work of biographical art...there is not a page in Deep in a Dream that is not engaging, alive, demanding a response from a reader whether that be a matter of horror or awe, making the reader almost complicit in whatever comes next, even when, with the story less that of a musician who used heroin to play than that of a junkie who played to get heroin, it seems certain that nothing can...He [Gavin] doesn't give the sense of merely knowing everything—while some people in Baker's life, such as his mistress Ruth Young, plainly opened up to Gavin with extraordinary candor and perception, not everyone would speak with him—but, through imagination as well as research, to have witnessed everything, even to have experienced everything."

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This review appeared on on September 7th.