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Quake Chasers
Quake Chasers (4 Formats) ›
By Lori Polydoros
Trade Paper Price 12.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Hardback

Published Feb 2024

Sharing perspectives on their journeys into the physical sciences, these heroes provide readers with advice about overcoming adversity.
Quake Chasers: 15 Women Who Rock Earthquake Science explores the lives of 15 diverse, contemporary female scientists with a variety of specialties related to earthquake science.
Dr. Debbie Weiser travels to communities post-disaster, such as Japan and China, to evaluate earthquake damage in ways that might help save lives during the next Big One. Geologist Edith Carolina Rojas climbs to the top of volcanoes or searches barren deserts for volcanic evidence to measure seismic activity. Geophysicist Lori Dengler works with the National Weather Service and provided guidance to counties after the 2011 tsunami.
With tenacity, intellect, and innovation, these women have crushed obstacles in society, in the lab, and out in the field. Their accomplishments leave aftershocks as they work toward revealing answers to the many riddles that lie behind earthquakes, saving lives by teaching us how to prepare for these terrifying disasters.
Young scientists can take away inspiration and advice on following their own dreams like these inspiring women.