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Adam Nimoy

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June 30, 2024, 4:00pm

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The Most Human
The Most Human (3 Formats) ›
By Adam Nimoy
Cloth Price 30.00

Cloth, PDF, EPUB

Published Jun 2024

“Adam Nimoy has written about the challenges growing up with his famous father and about their estrangement later in life. The fact that Leonard and Adam found a way to rebuild their relationship should resonate with anyone who struggles with difficult family dynamics.”George Takei

“Engaging and immensely relatable, while at the same time offering deeply profound insights into Adam Nimoy’s personal relationships, particularly with his famous father." Eugene Roddenberry Jr., CEO Roddenberry Entertainment 

While the tabloids and fan publications portrayed the Nimoys as a “close family,” to his son Adam, Leonard Nimoy was a total stranger.
The actor was as inscrutable as the iconic half-Vulcan science officer he portrayed on Star Trek, even to those close to him.
Now, his son’s poignant memoir explores their complicated relationship and how it informed his views on marriage, parenting, and later, sobriety. Despite their differences, both men ventured down parallel paths: marriages leading to divorce, battling addiction, and finding recovery. Most notably, both men struggled to take the ninth step in their AA journey: to make amends with each other.
Discover how the son of Spock learned to navigate this tumultuous relationship—from Shabbat dinners to basement AA meetings—and how he was finally able to reconcile with his father—and with himself.