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Neville, Helen F.Neville, Helen F. | Alt 1

Helen F. Neville

Helen F. Neville, BS, RN, is a nurse and a parent educator. She is the author of Is This a Phase? and What to Do About Sleep Problems in Young Children and a coauthor of Mommy! I Have to Go Potty! and Temperament Tools.
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ADHD/ADD Medications
ADHD/ADD Medications ›
By Peter Levine, By Helen F. Neville

Trade Paper

Published Jan 2011

Seeking to put the minds of parents of children with ADHD/ADD at ease, this concise reference provides a brief explanation of ADHD/ADD behavior and also discusses the medications most often prescribed for treating these conditions. In lay language, the authors discuss the typical process of prescribing and monitoring the use of medication, the possible side effects medications can have, the benefits and drawbacks of medication holidays, and what to expect as children with ADHD/ADD grow older.
Is This a Phase?
Is This a Phase? ›
By Helen F. Neville, Illustrated by Jenny Williams
Price 23.95

Trade Paper

Published Jan 2007

Written with concise descriptions and dozens of charts and graphs that will make it quick and easy to use for both fathers and mothers, this reassuring guide explains what to expect at every developmental stage between birth and age six. It then walks parents and caregivers through three dozen topics common in the first six years of life: everything from attention span and impulse control to death, divorce, and the red flags that signal reading readiness issues. This is a must-have reference for every nursery.
Mommy! I Have to Go Potty!
Mommy! I Have to Go Potty! ›
By Jan Faull, By Helen F. Neville
Price 14.95

Trade Paper

Published Jan 2009

Originally published in 1996, this reassuring guide to an important toddler and preschooler developmental period has been updated and expanded by a longtime pediatric advice nurse and parent educator. While maintaining the original publication’s practicality and real-life anecdotes, Helen Neville explains how a child’s temperament affects toilet training and has added chapters on toilet training the special needs child, how parents and childcare providers can work together during toilet training, and the early toilet training used in other cultures.
Temperament Tools
Temperament Tools (4 Formats) ›
By Helen F. Neville, By Diane Clark Johnson
Trade Paper Price 17.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Jul 2015

The most recent and respected research on how temperament can affect a child's progress toward developmental milestones and responses to new experiences Research shows that many challenging behaviors are connected to a child's inborn temperament, the unique set of characteristics that each child is born with. When adults who work with children understand what makes a child tick, they can adapt their parenting, teaching, or treatment protocols to the individual needs of each child. Coauthor Helen Neville has updated the contents of the original edition of Temperament Tools to reflect the latest understanding about inborn temperament and its effects on behavior. Certain behavior clusters go with certain combinations of temperament traits and some clusters result in a child who can be quite a challenge. This book describes many types of children and offers strategies to help deal with behavior resulting from inborn temperament. Parents fill out a temperament chart to help define and understand their child, then consult the appropriate chapter that refers to that type of child. Temperament Tools avoids the use of psychological jargon while featuring the extensive practical understanding of children and their parents' questions and needs for skills. Adults using the book find the sections on practical ways to handle kids with temperament in mind to be valuable for restoring peace in home or school.
What to Do About Sleep Problems in Young Children
What to Do About Sleep Problems in Young Children ›
By Helen F. Neville
Price 9.95

Trade Paper

Published Jan 2011

Succinct and yet incredibly thorough, this guide to resolving child sleeping problems walks parents through a process to determine what they want for their family’s bedtime routine and sleep schedule. Helen Neville, a pediatric nurse and parent educator with decades of experience, helps parents pinpoint their children’s sleep problems and develop a plan to address the issues. This is a valuable resource for parents struggling through their children’s sleeping difficulties or for parent educators working with these individuals.