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Cheryl Mullenbach

Cheryl Mullenbach is the author of history books for young adults and middle school age readers. She writes about the usual people, places, and events that parents and educators expect to see in the history books. In addition, she uncovers the unusual stories that inspire young people--and adults--to scratch beneath the surface of historical facts to discover the rich stories that make history real. She is the author of Double Victory: How African American Women Broke Race and Gender Barriers to Help Win World War II, The Great Depression for Kids, Women in Blue: 16 Brave Officers, Forensics Experts, Police Chiefs, and More, and The Industrial Revolution for Kids: The People and Technology That Changed the World.
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Double Victory
Double Victory (4 Formats) ›
By Cheryl Mullenbach
Trade Paper Price 12.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Feb 2017

The unique and often overlooked stories of African American women who did extraordinary things to help the Allies during World War II are revealed in this important examination. Helping lay the foundation for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s as they fought discrimination at home and abroad, a range of remarkable women—war workers, political activists, military women, volunteers, and entertainers—are profiled, offering a unique perspective on the Second World War. The book includes the accomplishments of heralded names, such as Mary McLeod Bethune and Lena Horne as well as those of lesser-known heroes, including Hazel Dixon Payne, the only woman to serve on the remote Alaska-Canadian Highway; Deverne Calloway, a Red Cross worker who led a protest at an army base in India; and Betty Murphy Phillips, the only black female overseas war correspondent. With source notes and a bibliography for further exploration, this work stands as a valuable piece of history and encourages young readers to look within their communities for the stories of the women of the "greatest generation" and to recover them before it is too late.

The Great Depression for Kids
The Great Depression for Kids (4 Formats) ›
By Cheryl Mullenbach
Trade Paper Price 16.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Jul 2015

American history before and after the Wall Street Crash of 1929
Providing a balanced, realistic picture of a time rife with hardships, The Great Depression for Kids brings the era and key concepts to life. Kids learn about the harsh realities that most Americans could not escape, such as massive unemployment, natural disasters, and economic collapse. They also learn that the 1930s were a time when neighbors helped neighbors; sports figures behaved admirably; and an army of young men rebuilt the nation’s forests, roads, and parks. Librarians delivered books on horseback, a curly-haired child star charmed moviegoers to “stand up and cheer” in the darkest of days, and a little African American girl became the first of her race to participate in the National Spelling Bee. Beginning with an in-depth look at the 1920s, the book builds readers’ background knowledge to help set the stage for the decline of the economy over the next decade. Twenty-one crosscurricular activities help kids learn how to research, buy, and sell stocks; use scientific methods to conduct a survey, re-create Depression glassware; and much more.
The Industrial Revolution for Kids
The Industrial Revolution for Kids (4 Formats) ›
By Cheryl Mullenbach
Trade Paper Price 19.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Aug 2014

This blend of authoritative historic overview and human interest stories recounts one of the most important eras in American history


This educational activity book introduces young readers to the Industrial Revolution through the people, places, and inventions of the time, from the incredibly wealthy Rockefellers and Carnegies and the dingy and dangerous factories of the day to the creation of new forms of transportation and communication. By recounting this fascinating period in American history through the eyes of everyday workers, kids, sports figures, and social activists whose names never appeared in history books—including Hannah Montague, who revolutionized the clothing industry with her highly popular detachable collars and cuffs and Clementine Lamadrid, who either helped save starving New Yorkers or scammed the public into contributing to her one-cent coffee stands—this book helps tell the human stories of the Industrial Revolution. Twenty-one engaging and fun crosscurricular activities bring the times and technologies to life and allow for readers to make an assembly line sandwich, analyze the interchangeable parts of a common household fixture, weave a placemat, tell a story through photographs, and much more. Additional resources featured include books to read, places to visit, and websites to explore.

Torpedoed! (5 Formats) ›
By Cheryl Mullenbach
Cloth Price 17.99

Cloth, Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Sep 2017

Through first-hand accounts, interviews with survivors, powerful images, and primary sources, award-winning children's author Cheryl Mullenbach brings to life the pre-war environment in both America and Europe. Torpedoed! vividly re-creates the events surrounding the sinking of the SS Athenia, the first ship lost in the battle of the Atlantic during World War II. The amazing stories of fear and hope are recounted through the words of two American children onboard that day.
Women in Blue
Women in Blue (5 Formats) ›
By Cheryl Mullenbach
Cloth Price 19.99

Cloth, Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published May 2016

Balancing deeply researched stories of trailblazers from the past with those of contemporary women, Women in Blue serves as both a historical reference and a career exploration resource. Original interviews reveal details of life on the job for various law enforcement positions, as well as practical advice from these remarkable women in the trenches. Packed with photos, sidebars on related topics, excerpts from primary sources, and including a bibliography, source notes, and more!