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Mark Latno

Mark Latno is the author of The Paper Boomerang Book. He has been teaching children to build and throw paper boomerangs at schools for almost two decades.
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The Paper Boomerang Book
The Paper Boomerang Book (3 Formats) ›
By Mark Latno
PDF Price 8.99

PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Jun 2010

A detailed reference on the latest craze in lightweight aeronautics, this manual shows how to build and throw paper boomerangs. Techniques for mastering the basics will help beginners, while techniques for impressive throws—such as the behind-the-back toss; the boomerang juggle; the under-the-leg catch; and the dreaded double-handed, backward, double-boomerang throw—will thrill even the most advanced boomeranger. A history of the device and the physics behind its circuitous flight are also included, making this the only comprehensive reference on this fascinating toy.