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Jill Laidlaw

Jill Laidlaw is the author of Modern Art Adventures and Three-Dimensional Art Adventures. She has commissioned, edited, and written children's and adult nonfiction books, including works on the history of Western painting, the history of Western sculpture, and monographs on Paul Klee and Frida Kahlo. She has a degree in art history from the University of St. Andrews.
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Fine Art Adventures
Fine Art Adventures ›
By Maja Pitamic, By Jill Laidlaw
Price 19.99

Trade Paper

Published Sep 2017

There's a reason people call works of fine art "masterpieces"—they're groundbreaking and bold, just the sort of artwork that inspire creative children. Fine Art Adventures introduces young artists, ages 6 and up, to classic masterpieces and formal techniques, then lets them loose to create their own works of art. Each of the book's eight chapters covers a particular technique or subject of fine art: Color, Light & Shade, Shape, Black & White, Portraits, Landscapes, Animals, and Myths & Legends. Projects begin with a story of a famous work—Matisse's The Snail, Modigliani's Portrait of Anna Zborowska, Paul Cézanne's Mont Sainte-Victoire, and Whistler's Nocturne in Blue and Silver—followed by a question-and-answer section. Then it's time to break out the brushes, scissors, and paint. Children create two artworks based on the techniques and visual effects of the piece. The projects cover a wide range of media, from tissue paper mosaics to stencils to mobile sculptures, with a variety of difficulty levels, always encouraging and expanding the child's natural creative abilities.            Authors and educators Maja Pitamic and Jill Laidlaw explore the stories and meanings behind 18 key works of classic art as inspiration for these kid-tested, exciting, and creative projects. No prior knowledge of fine art is required, just enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to discover.