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Kane, Arthur KillerKane, Arthur Killer | Alt 1
Kane, Arthur KillerKane, Arthur Killer | Alt 1

Arthur Killer Kane

Arthur "Killer" Kane is the author of I, Doll. He was the bassist for the New York Dolls and the subject of the hit 2005 documentary New York Doll.
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I, Doll
I, Doll (3 Formats) ›
By Arthur Killer Kane
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Published Aug 2009

When the New York Dolls' bassist died suddenly at age 55 in 2004, he left behind not only their timeless music—and many thousands of fans and friends—but a memoir of the Dolls' early years. This distinctive and extroverted voice of an undisciplined showman is presented with an introduction and epilogue by his widow, Barbara. This up close and personal perspective of the band's early days and late nights—including an instance where he locks himself out of the studio in full drag while tripping on LSD—chronicles the glorious, glamorous era of high times, high drama, and low comedy that captures the music, the style, and the life of the all-too-brief existence of the New York Dolls.