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Born Andromeda
Born Andromeda (2 Formats) ›
By K.M. Watts
Trade Paper Price 12.99

Trade Paper, EPUB

Published Nov 2022

<strong><em>Born Andromeda</em>, the action-packed YA debut from K.M. Watts, is perfect for fans of <em>Aurora Rising, Daughter of the Pirate King</em>, and <em>Crown Chasers</em>.</strong><br /><br />Being eighteen is difficult, especially when you’re a cyborg and heir to the entire kingdom of the Moon. Disillusioned with royal life, Princess Andromeda dreams of nothing but freedom and adventure outside the protective dome of royalty. But when her parents arrange her marriage to an Earthen prince, she is forced to put her kingdom before her dreams of independence. While traveling to Earth, Andromeda’s ship is attacked by galactic pirates led by her father&#39;s sworn enemy, the Lord Captain Bran. Taken prisoner, Andromeda realizes that her captors are unaware of her true identity and sees an opportunity: To best her enemies, she may have to join them.