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My Amy
My Amy (3 Formats) ›
By Tyler James
Trade Paper Price 19.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Published May 2022

A moving, intimate look at the life of Amy Winehouse by her best friend. The death of icon Amy Winehouse at age just twenty-seven rocked the music world. Through the headlines the world thought they watched a car crash: a girl hell-bent on self-destruction. But the truth is far more complicated. Now, her best friend and constant companion Tyler James wants to tell the real story, because she can't. From their first encounter singing together at stage school, through to their wayward teenage years and Amy's dramatic rise to stardom, Tyler was with her through it all. Living with her right up until her death, he was the only one there by her side, day-after-day. He supported her through her career highs—the massive success of Back to Black and her five Grammy wins—and personal lows—her lifelong struggles with addiction, insecurity, and eating disorders. #&8203; Written with love, My Amy is a heartbreaking look at friendship and fame and provides an illuminating portrait of the woman behind the music—a unique, uncompromising force-of-nature. This is the definitive story of what really happened to Amy Winehouse.