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Lynne Garner

Lynne Garner is an art teacher and writer who has contributed to Crafts for Children, Making Cards, Popular Crafts, and Practical Crafts magazine. She is the author of more than a dozen craft books, including Celebrate with Cards, The Complete Book of Papercraft, and Native American Bead Weaving.
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African Crafts
African Crafts ›
By Lynne Garner
Price 12.95


Published Apr 2008

From spectacular clothing and masks to pottery and music of Ghana and West Africa, this guide inspires children to try these elaborate yet easy-to-make crafts for themselves. A great way to connect children to their African roots or expose them to new cultures around the world, this fully illustrated guide features step-by-step instructions and contemporary color photos that teach kids how to make their own creations. Projects include how to design and wear Adinkra block-printed clothing, coil and decorate unique pottery, create masks for special occasions, craft and play musical instruments, and weave decorative Kente cloth. This resource also includes a brief history of Ghana and West Africa and the traditions and history behind each craft, how they are made and used today, and their importance in West African society. Kids will love learning how music is often tied to certain ceremonies and how dance is believed to wash away disagreements and arguments and bring greater unity. A resource sectionâ€â€listing books, websites, and museums for further explorationâ€â€and an index round out this fascinating reference.