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Funky Fungi
Meet the Author: Sue Heavenrich
Barnes & Noble, 2443 Vestal Parkway East, Vestal, NY 13850 (map it)
Saturday, July 9, 2022 - 1:00pm

Join author Sue Heavenrich for a signing of her new book, Funky Fungi, at Barnes & Noble in Vestal, NY.

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Funky Fungi
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By Alisha Gabriel, By Sue Heavenrich
Price 16.99

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Estimated Release Date Jul 2022

Fungi are everywhere! They live in the coldest corner of Antarctica and on hot, sandy desert dunes. They're in the air you breathe and the food you eat. But fungi are more than pizza toppings. They form partnerships with plants and help us clean up our planet through bioremediation. Some fungi eat our crops; others protect them. Some fungi cause diseases; others cure them. Some are bigger than you; others are so tiny you need a microscope to see them. And now, people are finding ways to use fungi to make furniture, building materials, and even sneakers.So grab your gear and let's go find some Funky Fungi.