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Freeman, Gregory A.Freeman, Gregory A. | Alt 1
Freeman, Gregory A.Freeman, Gregory A. | Alt 1

Gregory A. Freeman

Gregory A. Freeman is the author of Sailors to the End and has written for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
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Lay This Body Down
Lay This Body Down (4 Formats) ›
By Gregory A. Freeman
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Published Jul 2002

The John S. Williams plantation in Georgia was operated largely with the labor of slaves—and this was in 1921, 56 years after the Civil War. Williams was not alone in using “peons,” but his reaction to a federal investigation was almost unbelievable: he decided to destroy the evidence. Enlisting the aid of his trusted black farm boss, Clyde Manning, he began methodically killing his slaves. As this true story unfolds, each detail seems more shocking, and surprises continue in the aftermath, with a sensational trial galvanizing the nation and marking a turning point in the treatment of black Americans.