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Fearnley, JamesFearnley, James | Alt 1
Fearnley, JamesFearnley, James | Alt 1

James Fearnley

James Fearnley is the accordion player in the Pogues.
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Here Comes Everybody
Here Comes Everybody (4 Formats) ›
By James Fearnley
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Published May 2014

The Pogues injected the fury of punk into Irish folk music and gave the world the troubled, iconic, darkly romantic songwriter Shane MacGowan. Here Comes Everybody is a memoir written by founding member and accordion player James Fearnley, drawn from his personal experiences and the series of journals and correspondence he kept throughout the band’s career. Fearnley describes the coalescence of a disparate collection of vagabonds living in the squats of London’s Kings Cross, with, at its center, the charismatic MacGowan and his idea of turning Irish traditional music on its head. With beauty, lyricism, and great candor, Fearnley tells the story of how the band watched helplessly as their singer descended into a dark and isolated world of drugs and alcohol, and sets forth the increasingly desperate measures they were forced to take.