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Falk, John H.Falk, John H. | Alt 1
Falk, John H.Falk, John H. | Alt 1

John H. Falk

John H. Falk is the director of the Institute for Learning Innovation.
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Bite-Sized Science
Bite-Sized Science ›
By John H. Falk, By Kristi S. Rosenberg
Price 16.95

Trade Paper

Published Jun 1999

Here’s a fun way to get young minds discovering the wonders of the natural world by making predictions, testing them, and then evaluating the results—learning the scientific method. These short, bite-sized, deliciously fun activities like "Sounds of Chewing," "Clinks in the Kitchen," "Tangy Tongue," and "Shoe Show" take only 15 minutes to organize, do, and clean up. Many of the activities involve food, so children will learn and get a snack at the same time.