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Craig Boreth

Craig Boreth is the author of The Hemingway Cookbook, How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt and How to Feel Manly in a Minivan, and the owner of the Santa Monica Chocolate Company. He lives in Santa Monica, California.
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The Hemingway Cookbook
The Hemingway Cookbook (4 Formats) ›
By Craig Boreth
Trade Paper Price 22.00

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Sep 2012

Ernest Hemingway’s insatiable appetite for life was evident in his writing and equaled by little else than his voracious appetite for good food and drink. The Hemingway Cookbook collects, for the first time, more than 125 recipes from Hemingway’s life and art featuring such unique dishes as Dorado Fillet in Damn Good Sauce, Woodcock Flambé in Armagnac, Campfire Apple Pie, and Fillet of Lion washed down with Campari and Gordon’s Gin or a cool Cuba Libre. These pages are enriched by family photos, dining passages from stories such as A Moveable Feast, The Old Man and the Sea, and A Farewell to Arms, his short stories, personal correspondence, and even a contribution from his last wife Mary. Collecting recipes from former Hemingway haunts, period cookbooks, and other sources, this book is an authentic re-creation of the meals that enriched Hemingway’s literature