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Bryce Bauer

Bryce T. Bauer is a Hearst Award-winning journalist who has written for the Daily Iowan, the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saveur, and other publications. He is the author of Gentlemen Bootleggers. He coproduced and co-wrote West Iowa Whiskey Cookers, a documentary on Prohibition-era bootlegging, winner of Best Documentary at the Iowa Independent Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival.
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Gentlemen Bootleggers
Gentlemen Bootleggers (5 Formats) ›
By Bryce Bauer
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Published Jul 2014

During Prohibition, while Al Capone was rising to worldwide prominence as Public Enemy Number One, the townspeople of rural Templeton, Iowa—population just 418—were busy with a bootlegging empire of their own. Led by Joe Irlbeck, the whip-smart and gregarious son of a Bavarian immigrant, the outfit of farmers, small merchants, and even the church Monsignor worked together to create a whiskey so excellent it was ordered by name: Templeton Rye. Gentlemen Bootleggers tells a never-before-told tale of ingenuity, bootstrapping, and perseverance in one small town, showcasing a group of immigrants who embraced the American ideals of self-reliance, dynamism, and democratic justice. It relies on previously classified Prohibition Bureau investigation files, federal court case files, extensive newspaper archive research, and a recently disclosed interview with kingpin Joe Irlbeck. Unlike other Prohibition-era tales of big-city gangsters, it provides an important reminder that bootlegging wasn’t only about glory and riches, but could be in the service of a higher goal: producing the best whiskey money could buy.