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Asher, TonyAsher, Tony | Alt 1
Asher, TonyAsher, Tony | Alt 1

Tony Asher

Tony Asher is a lyricist who collaborated with Brian Wilson on Pet Sounds.
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Wouldn't It Be Nice
Wouldn't It Be Nice (4 Formats) ›
By Charles L. Granata, Foreword by Tony Asher
Trade Paper Price 16.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Published Oct 2016

When he first started working on Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson said that he was going to write "the greatest rock album ever made." That album, released in 1966, fifty years ago, changed the face of popular music.From conception and composition to arrangement and production, Pet Sounds was the work of one extraordinary man. Turning his back on the protest songs and folk rock of his contemporaries and even on the bright surf sound of his own creation, Brian Wilson reached deep within himself to make music that struck an emotional chord and touched people's souls. Embracing the rapidly advancing recording technology of the time, he expertly created an original studio sound that would inspire generations of listeners and musicians.Featuring a detailed track-by-track analysis of the songs and extensive interviews with key personalities, this unique book reveals the influences--musical, personal, and professional--that together created this groundbreaking album. Now revised to include new information and recent developments, this is the definitive book on one of the greatest albums ever made.