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Andes, Stephen J.C.Andes, Stephen J.C. | Alt 1
Andes, Stephen J.C.Andes, Stephen J.C. | Alt 1

Stephen J.C. Andes

Stephen J. C. Andes is an associate professor of history at Louisiana State University. He is the author of The Mysterious Sofía and The Vatican and Catholic Activism of Mexico and Chile.
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Zorro's Shadow
Zorro's Shadow (4 Formats) ›
By Stephen J.C. Andes
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Published Sep 2020

Long before Superman or Batman made their first appearances, there was Zorro. Born on the pages of the pulps in 1919, Zorro fenced his way through the American popular imagination, carving his signature letter Z into the flesh of evildoers in Old Spanish California. Zorro is the original caped crusader, the first hero to have a band called the Avengers, and the character who laid the blueprint for the modern American superhero. In Zorro's Shadow, historian and Latin American studies expert Stephen J. C. Andes investigates the legends behind the mask of Zorro, revealing that the origin of America's first superhero lies in Latinx history and experience. Revealing the length of Zorro's shadow on the superhero genre is a reclamation of the legend of Zorro for a multiethnic and multicultural America.