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Alston, Alex A.Alston, Alex A. | Alt 1
Alston, Alex A.Alston, Alex A. | Alt 1

Alex A. Alston

Alex A. Alston Jr. is a past president of the Mississippi Bar Association who has taught and written extensively on issues of trial advocacy.
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Devil's Sanctuary
Devil's Sanctuary (3 Formats) ›
By Alex A. Alston, By James L. Dickerson
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Published Jul 2009

Recalling the state’s shameful racist history of lynching, arson, denial of rights, false imprisonment, and other heinous crimes, this riveting narrative explores how Mississippi became a safe haven for the most violent and virulent racists, who were immune to prosecution for their crimes. This sanctuary of the then status quo emerged from the 1956 Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission’s efforts to preserve segregation and "Mississippi Values" by declaring the state outside the jurisdiction of the federal government. Analysis of the major crimes, the institutional collusion, delayed and never-delivered justice, and the state's attempts at atonement are interspersed with the authors' recollections of what they saw, heard, and experienced as whites—thus "insiders"—during this troubled time. With commentary extending to the present day, this is both a well-researched history and an eyewitness record of living through an era of judicial, media, and economic terrorism directed against African Americans.