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Parenting at the Intersections
Parenting at the Intersections (3 Formats) ›
By Jaya Ramesh, By Priya Raghav, Foreword by Bayo Akomolafe
Trade Paper Price 19.99

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Published Jan 2024

"This is an invaluable, nuanced, and deeply needed guide to parenting diverse children as we move, together, toward a future in which all brains and bodies are supported—and belong.” —Jessica McCabe, How to ADHD

What if parenting were an act of social justice?
In this part story-telling, part self-inquiry book, authors and therapists Jaya Ramesh and Priya Saaral situate parenting children of color with neurodivergence within the context of various interlocking systems of oppression including settler colonialism, White supremacy, ableism, and capitalism.
These intersections engender isolation and loneliness. Using the voices of parents on the front lines and other experts, Parenting at the Intersections offer an invitation to parents to slow down and reflect on their own parenting journeys.
When parents can be given space to listen to their own voices, to connect with their children, and find community with others, they can find the most radical ways to disrupt systems of oppression.