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Middling Folk
Middling Folk ›
By Linda H. Matthews
Price 24.95


Published Nov 2009

Telling the stories of those who quietly conducted the business and built the livelihoods that made their societies prosper or fail, this account shows how one Scots-Irish American family, the Hammills—millers, wagon makers, and blacksmiths—lived out their lives against the backdrop of the American Revolution, the Civil War, and westward expansion. Spanning three centuries from the shores of Ireland to the Chesapeake Bay Area to the Pacific Northwest, this saga brings to life the early days of the founding of this country through the lens of the middle class. From revolutions, uprisings, and economic booms and busts to owning slaves in the colonial South, these personal encounters through dramatic historical events depict the private dramas—tragic deaths, business successes and failures, love and loss—of the ordinary families who helped shape this country and managed to hold their own through turbulent times.

Do your book club's tastes run more to fact than fiction? Would you rather your Harry be a Truman on a cross-country road trip than a boy wizard fighting his greatest foe? Are you looking for something more about why we don't yet have our jet packs and less about laser battles in a galaxy far away?

The following titles prove that there's more to the facts than what you learned in the history books.

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