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The Coolest Race on Earth
The Coolest Race on Earth ›
By John Hanc
Price 22.95


Published Jan 2009

Chronicling the world's most difficult race through the eyes of one who ran it, this vivid and humorous memoir shares the adventures of inspiring contestants—including a wheelchair-bound runner and three record-breaking grandmothers—as they trek across the daunting terrain of extinct volcanoes, craggy mountain peaks, and the turbulent Drake passage, all in a quest to complete the Antarctica Marathon. Revealing the runners' struggles against melting glaciers and hostile skuas, the narrative also recounts their unique experiences with curious penguins and whale sightings. Spotlighting the people and the place that make this annual event so remarkable, this account not only reflects why marathons are so successful but also presents a deeply funny meditation on what makes people run.
There is nothing ho-hum in this eclectic selection of biography, autobiography, and memoir. Here are the lives and times of jazz and country greats, beloved blues musicians, rock 'n' roll heroes—and their groupies. Politics abound, in voices angry, reflective, persuasive, and just plain wild. Gang life, early American lives and stories, tales of sports greats and Hollywood celebrities, and a handful of spellbinding literary memoirs promise discussion-filled evenings and hours of reading pleasure for book club members with wide-ranging interests and a taste for variety.
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