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The Making of The Wizard of Oz
The Making of The Wizard of Oz ›
By Aljean Harmetz, Foreword by Margaret Hamilton
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Published Oct 2013

Released in conjunction with the 75th-anniversary DVD release of The Wizard of Oz, this book is the definitive story of how one of America’s most beloved movies was made and a marvelous, unprecedented examination of how Hollywood used to make movies. This updated edition includes numerous photos and shares hundreds of interviews with cameramen, screenwriters, costume designers, directors, producers, light technicians, actors, and more to reveal how the factory-like Hollywood system of moviemaking miraculously produced one of the most enduring films ever made. From the scandalous headlines of Munchkin orgies at the Culver City Hotel and the Witch’s (accidental) burning to the building of the Emerald City and the sewing of nearly 1,000 costumes, The Making of The Wizard of Oz provides a richly detailed re-creation of MGM’s production No. 1060 and a detail-by-detail, department-by-department look at the most powerful and flamboyant studio Hollywood has ever known.

For the book clubs that have a bit of cinematic flair and like to pair their reading with their viewing, our Books & the Big Screen titles are great choices for when your club wants to talk about what's behind the camera, and then sit and watch the magic happen.

Whether it's reading about how a famous director created one of his cult classics or learning about the movies that have changed the lives of the movie makers we love, these books not only offer great reading but also great movie recommendations for a multimedia book group experience.

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