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By Michael Elsohn Ross

Trade Paper, Mobipocket, PDF, EPUB

Estimated Release Date Feb 2019

 Plantology guides young nature enthusiasts on a journey into the world of plants and the role they play in our lives. Full of colorful photos and illustrations, this fun and interactive resource presents clear, kid-friendly discussions of plant topics from the underground up—from seeds, roots, and sprouts to plant skeletons, leaves, petals, flowers, and fruits. But naturalist Michael Elsohn Ross goes beyond plant basics to explore the unknown world of common weeds, fascinating plant defense systems, the marvelous mechanisms of seed dispersal and pollination, and the history of everyday plant products in our homes. Plantology also illuminates humans' connections with plants and the solutions they offer, from low-cost sewage treatment and toxic waste removal to providing new medical cures. With encouragement to "Try This" and "Look For," kids participate in 30 hands-on activities that promote observation and analysis, writing and drawing, math and science, and nature literacy skills. They will keep a plant journal, examine and sketch plant shapes, colors, and structures; start a seed collection, make tasty plant dishes, and more. Readers from any region will start to take notice of the plants around them—not just in parks, gardens, and woods but also around the schools, buildings, and sidewalks of their town, and in their own backyards. Useful resources include a glossary of plant terms, a list of plant and nature organizations and groups, and a teacher's guide to initiate classroom discussion and investigation.  

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