Zappa on Zappa
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By Paul Zollo

EPUB, PDF, Mobipocket

Estimated Release Date Sep 2021

Zappa on Zappa is a compendium of interviews and encounters with the late Frank Zappa ranging from his first appearance in media on the Steve Allen TV show at the age of eighteen, through print, TV, and radio interviews about his band the Mothers of Invention, as well as solo work, movies, and political activism. Zappa's congressional testimony, delivered in opposition to the issue of CD labeling and censorship led by Tipper Gore's PMRC, is included as is a local TV debate on the subject. Though often portrayed as a wild man and provocateur, the truth is that Zappa was a tremendously thoughtful, eloquent, and consistently focused man. He never smoked used drugs, was a dedicatd married father of four, and was among the first American recording artists ever to own an independent record company, Barking Pumpkin. Through the decades, his opinions remained remarkably consistent, and distinguished him from his peers. A serious composer of instrumental and orchestral music, as well as creator of countless rock albums and even hit songs, he was an obsessively invested workaholic who composed and recorded music endlessly.

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